Medical Billing BPO

Medical Billing BPO provides you affordable professional services to increase your Maximum reimbursements and fewer denials. The implications of deferred payments from insurance companies can be frustrating for any medical practice - small, medium or large medical healthcare providers. The insurance companies may have withheld the claim payments, on lack of accuracies in the claim documentations related to medical billing and coding submitted by you or your staff.

Our Workflow

  • Collect all Super bills from your office daily, through secure FTP server upload or onsite Secure Remote Server
  • Patient charges and Demographics keyed via online/offline route. Medical Billing claims software submits claims electronically
  • Daily EOB (Explanation of Benefits) dynamic updating in medical billing software
  • AR aging reports will be carefully processed and sent for your appraisal
  • Based AR report, start Insurance companies calls for claims
  • Regular Report update work done by Medical Billing BPO executives

Benefits with Medical Billing BPO

  • Affordable and Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced Medical Billing Executices
  • Under Supervision of Skilled Professionals
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • HIPPA Security Rules Oriented System
  • Remote Server with your own software
  • Maximum Reimbursements and fewer denials
  • High Accuracy and Complaince with all Government Rules